Presentation of the restaurant

Refined Local Cuisine.

Gilbert Koehler, on his own admission, inherited his passion for good food from his grandmother, Melanie Koehler who, like him, made generous use of her skills to serve her guests. This cuisine is traditional, showing local produce at its best, honouring its traditions and smallholders, but it is also refined, colourful and inventive – a feast not only for the taste buds but for the eyes.
This chef, with his love for “tasty little dishes” also has an experienced eye for the standards of a demanding profession and is ever present in the kitchen to inspire his teams with it.

A Blend of Tradition and Refinement…
This is cunning chemistry, which is without a doubt what led to Gilbert Koehler’s being awarded a star in Michelin’s Guide Rouge in 1990, but it is also, above all, the achievement of a subtle balance that enables him to offer a fabulous Menu (with a fresh version for every season!) where fish, game and other delights such as Foie Gras tasting in 3 servings (poached, pan-fried with fruit, or a raw and cooked combination on rich toast) harmonize, joined by local wines.
And, just for the fun of it, ask the Chef and his wife what their favourite dishes are and they will reply with one voice: Sweet and Sour Noisette of Venison!
All gourmets should take note…
The dining room has air-conditioning and seats 60.

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