Originally from India, the Ayurvedic massage called "Abhyanga 'is a basic massage with warm essential oils all over the body, from scalp to toes. Ayurveda or "science of life" refers to the traditional Indian medicine. This is one of the oldest holistic health systems based on balance and harmony between body and mind. For perfect health, the three energy centers or "doshas" will be stimulated:
VATTA nervous system, the brain
PITTA for metabolism, digestion
KAPHA the skeleton, bones

In India, it is a way of life, a natural and effective way to stimulate energy flow, the lymphatic and blood circulation, metabolism, nourish and regenerate vital tissues, help eliminate toxins, and especially relaxing. Ayurvedic massage leads movements all over the body: touching, smoothing, strokes and pressures. The latter, generally performed during 1h, underwear and fully oiled, relax and reduce stress. Ayurvedic massage Abyanga = relaxation massage.

We therefore propose these sessions welfare method Dr. Shahid Nasim who adapted his technique of massage and its products to the needs of the modern world and the needs of Western life.
These sessions invigorate, relax and nourish the skin. They provide relaxation, well being and give the body a feeling of lightness and energy

Shirodhara session (30min)
Continuous application of hot oil to the forehead, to de-stress and relax.

Abhyanga session (1h)
Complete Ayurvedic treatment, to relax and revitalize the body by applying balm and hot Organic Ayurvedic oil.

Shirodhara and Abhyanga session (1h30)

Well-being gift sets
prices based on produtcs chosen
Gift sets or hampers containing Ayurvedic oil, balms and creams (Dr Nasim Biocosmetic products).